Tuesday, July 31, 2012

well timed


Feeling a sense of impending doom today, anxious where I wasn't anxious yesterday. But the best I can do, and it's a really good best, is to remember I am not in charge of this show. And to read this, in my blog list today, from a blogger who has not posted in months...

Friend, you lie quiet,
watching the dawn light color your heart,
dreaming of healing for your hurt body
lying there unanswerable to your will.
You breathe deep and your breath has two sides:
inside and outside. You are on both, being breathed.
The future approaches. You will heal or
you will go back to being God.
Which will you do?
Oh by all that is beautiful -
May it be that you live!
May your body heal happy and whole!
May energy fill and delight you!
May we join the dance your presence gives!
May you live!
And if you die?
Oh dear self, by all that is beautiful,
Know you are Safe! Everything is All Right
Forever and Ever and Ever!
The most wonderful, exquisite, familiar
Truth is what is True, and welcomes you.
It will be very easy.
You lie quiet now, praying.
A great healing is coming
and you want to be ready.
The colors of your heart blend
with the light of the morning.
You are blessed.

~ Elias Amidon



  1. hope the impending doom feeling vanishes. maybe it is something in the air. i had impending doom all day sunday. weird.

  2. impending doom is gone now - anaesthesia is good stuff. Just after being woken up, I asked the nurse if I could bring her pie when I got out, because they were all so good at their jobs. She thought I was just loopy.

  3. Good to hear that everything went well.

    Last time I had anaesthesia, I told the orderly who rolled the bed to my room that he was a good driver. He probably thought I was being loopy, but I actually meant it. The previous time I had been in for surgery, the orderly kept bumping the bed into the walls on the way to my room.. By comparison, the second driver was an ace. No bumping at all! (-: