Thursday, July 5, 2012

an update on goodness


Side by side, all these things run. I think that's the way it will be, nailed to the floor with some things while awed and lifted by others, over and over again.

The project is going well - I know that's vague, folks. Sorry. Hey my testers - thank you. You are both awesome and helpful.

The raspberries are ripe in the bee yard. This means they are ahead of the crop of 2009. I know this because matt and I checked both the bees and the berries on July 11th that year, and they weren't quite ready, either of them. I don't know why the ripeness of berries lifts me, but it does.

And, in the random that probably isn't, a friend posted photos of her trip to the northwest today. A wee background - I was thinking South for the next move, but various things make that not a great idea for the next few years. I still may not move anywhere (godd knows I keep trying to get out of here; almost 3 years ago exactly, matt and I had just made plans with realtors and started packing...). The photos from my friend struck something in me, and I started investigating. As it turns out, the place she's visiting is home to everything on my geographic wish-list: fresh and salt water, botanical gardens, a zoo, a science museum, and other good things. You can have both chickens and goats in the city, if you so choose. And, it has three places/traditions I consider my spiritual home. And, in the too precise to be random realm, (well, there are a few here), one of my favorite current teachers was in my dreams last night. Where does said teacher live? Yup. I hadn't known that 'til I just looked it up.

So - just a field update. Side by side.

Ooh - and another update: have learned that my friend who posted said photos was not simply on a trip. She was on a recon mission. She and her family are thinking of moving up there. If I moved there, I would already have People. For a place that was not on my map of possibilities, it has certainly made its presence known.



  1. hmmm...

    also: love the phrase "nailed to the floor with some things while awed and lifted by others, over and over again." And yes <----"I think that's the way it will be".
    funny how the dates of things stay with us, or loom more importantly after Something Like This. For me it's the blooming of a certain daylily that was Jeff's favorite. The plant in question I had given him as an anniversary present years ago to replace one left at our last house. It bloomed the morning he died. I noticed it as his sister led me away from our house where they were taking him away. Yup. So I knew what day it bloomed THAT year. (had never paid attention before that).
    In the years since, it has been earlier & earlier each year.
    Yesterday I went outside to find my new batch of my chickens got murdered (taken) overnight. And to find also that the bud on the first blossom on that plant had started to unfurl, like a curled lip opening. I kind of felt like he was telling me he was with me, as I stood desolate in the yard mourning my birds. Not "it's ok" but merely "I am here and that is what I can offer you".


    1. oh man. I am so sorry about your chickens. That rots. Super rots.
      And, he is accurate.