Sunday, July 8, 2012

by day

three years have passed
on this day
At the time,
I will be at church
without you
not bursting into flames
as you often joked I would.

I will always have this day to myself
No one else knows to count the weeks
like this

Like this,
I will have you to myself

I will have that day,
the way it was
Just the two of us, and Bo.

On the date,
everyone else can remember.
Everyone else can rush and claim their part of you,
claim their part of me.
On the date,
they can send their text messages,
or find they have forgotten to.

But on the day
on the day today, my love,
it will be you and me
as it was.
As it was on that day
three years ago today.

I miss you my love.
So so much
I miss you.
I hope you are alright.



  1. Thinking of you today. So sorry. It sucks.

  2. 1. (he hopes you are alright...)

    2. "or find they have forgotten to" . And then tell you how busy their life is. Like it matters to YOU.

    3. F#%king July. Like regular days aren't hard enough.