Thursday, January 20, 2011

movie landmine warning.

Why do I go to the movies anymore? Lordy.
Without giving the story away, but in the interest of fair warning:

In case anyone is planning to see the movie I Love You Phillip Morris,
there are death scenes.

Based on the previews, I was not expecting this movie to have death scenes.
Just as I was not expecting death or widowhood when I went
to see Nanny McPhee, Inception, or most of the films I have seen in
the last 18 months. I think I have blocked out most of them, because I
can't remember them now.

I will say that I recently saw The King's Speech, and not only is it a
fantastic film with great acting, there was no dea... oh, shoot. I just remembered.
There was a death in that one too. But it wasn't an emotional death scene, at least for me.

So there we have it. The best movie review I can give you, and all I can say is -
the death in it isn't that bad.


  1. You know...I am super careful about what I watch movie wise now. I filter everything. Worst memory for me was taking my sick husband to see "Up". He wanted to see it, but aaaarrggghh...we both cried buckets and neither of us could talk about it. Not even cute dogs saved that one. I love you, and don't get to comment here as often as I like, but I am proud of you!

  2. somehow, this post (I'm assuming it's this post) got me listed as a "fellow blogger" on some movie review site. I have no idea who those people are.

  3. When Jeff was sick he became fixated on watching Breaking Bad, you know, where they use terminal cancer as a plot device. Haha, yeah, not funny. Yeah. I could not stand to be in the room - I did nothing but glance over at my husband's shiny eyeballs while he watched tv in the dark room, to see how he was reacting to ...what...was....going... to happen to him. But he sat stonefaced through it all and did not want to discuss it. That was perhaps the loneliest I ever felt in my whole life. Including now. I had forgotten.
    I have not been to the movies since that one we saw last winter, m. I did watch Ghost on tv when Patrick Swayze died. That was very, very stupid of me.

  4. good lord, on the ghost. I've had what dreams may come from netflix for ages. Should just send it back. And that movie we saw last year, as I recall - alleged death scene, with water recovery. Landmines everywhere.

  5. "the death in it isn't that bad."

    Now this made me laugh.

    Maybe your reviews could be accompanied with 1 to 4 Tombstones. "I give it two Tombstones."

  6. I was thinking maybe, seeing as I'm already listed on someone's review site (?!), that I should start a movie-reviews-for-widowed-people service. 1 to 4 tombstones - rating the level of intensity of death scenes, or the level of risk factor in seeing said movie? Is it a scale of goodness, or a scale of warning? "I give that 4 tombstones. To see it is risking retching in the bathroom halfway through the show." "3 tombstones - it's going to bring up some stuff, but if you hide behind your fingers and sing a little song to yourself, you can skip the worst of it." "2 tombstones - proceed with caution. If you're feeling the least bit fragile, see something else." "1 tombstone - pretty well clear of overt death scenes or storylines. That doesn't mean something won't reach out and smack you, but there aren't any direct ambushes."

  7. Plus you have to have a code for what type of death it is. Like for me it's fricking cancer everywhere you look, and because I know you, the d. word.
    For other people it will be heart attacks or car accidents or muggings. You know.
    Apropos of nothing, I am also much more cautious about language now. Like for example my sister was badly injured in a car accident so now I am super-conscious of how I use the word "lame" or "crippled" or "handicapped" all the time. And there are plenty more of those little forehead-smacking moments all around us. For those who are paying attention. Which we are.

  8. I was talking to someone yesterday (a man, not widowed) who told me that he now refuses to go to the cinema unless he is assured that the film has a happy ending. I thought that was quite a sensible way to proceed until I remembered that I can just as easily be reduced to a heap of blubbering jelly by a happy ending as by a full 4-tombstone death scene.
    So that isn't going to work either. Probably best to continue doing my snivelling in the privacy of my own home for the time being!

  9. J - I feel the same way. Every time I try to find myself some "entertainment," things just don't go so well - happy ending, horrible ending, or just plain bad film. Bleh. Home with a book instead.

  10. I love the tombstone idea. Plus everyone's remarks--such a great conversation! Really made me chuckle (is that ok?) I've posted about movies, too, but just might have to do so again and link to this one.

  11. I'm thinking of starting a side bar, a collection of tombstone movie reviews....