Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a wee call out

A wee silly call out, just because - I'm totally fine, but took a rather large tumble down surprisingly ice-covered stairs last night. Nothing broken. Gigantic bruise and some soreness making it challenging to wander around and challenging to be still. Plus, an allergy stirred up that has me slogging through some molasses. I've been largely camped out on the couch ordering seeds* and watching episodes of edwardian farm, but I can't get at all comfortable, and seem to be getting more sore for the sitting. So, though it kind of goes against my nature to be public about such physical things (and I may just post then delete) - if you feel so inclined, send some good mojo out my way for at least getting comfy on this couch. Apparently, I am in a reaching out mode.

*2 to 1 flowers over vegetables, J., and even a flowering grass.


  1. If a pot of the world's best soup magically shows up on your doorstep you'll know my mojo made it. (Let me know if if you prefer gumbo, potato or Italian Wedding soup and I'll scrunch my face up really hard to get your choice sent). Hope you heal up and get comfy soon. On another note, I read your Monday blog on Monday--it was breath-taking and beautiful. Glad you happened upon the re-decorating and Cicero when you did, but then again, I've found these things don't usually 'just happen.' I was touched that you'd share the wonder, so I send some thanks to you. But I make really good soup and wish I could send some soup, too.

  2. Ouch!

    I will certainly send major mojo your way.

    Good thoughts, and hoping for a quick recovery from all your aches and pains.

  3. A bad fall on ice can *really* hurt and really shake you up. Take care of those bruises.
    A few years ago, when Don, a friend, and I were out hiking and geocaching, I slipped and smashed the back of my head on a thick layer of ice. Don and my friend both said they could hear the crack from several feet away. It left me seeing stars. Of course, I was holding a camera at the time and took a funny photo of two very concerned faces staring down at me. (-:
    Don and my friend - as seen from the ground:
    Me, lying on the ice not feeling like getting up for quite some time:
    Ordering seeds is a good way to pass the time while waiting to get feeling better. If you are hurting bad and know a good acupuncturist, that might also be a good thing to do for yourself. A good friend who fell off a log bridge and down a ravine last summer, found that the acupuncturist had the greatest success in working on the bruising and edema (she got hurt very badly).
    Anyhow, sending some good vibes your way. Hope you get feeling better very quickly! Take care. bev

  4. Craptastic.
    If you were here I could look after you ... but then if you were here, there would be no icy steps.
    Try chocolate - it makes everything feel more comfy.
    ...and maybe a visit to a chiropractor / physiotherapist just to make sure your bumps and bruises are really just bumps and bruises....

  5. aw, thanks everyone. After posting this, I actually found a comfortable spot, so the goodness worked. Ferree - gumbo, please. A - I had chocolate cake. I had an appointment already scheduled with my osteo for tomorrow, so she can fix it (and scold me for falling down the stairs).

  6. Ouch. Missed this when I called in yesterday. Falling downstairs is one of my major paranoias. Glad to hear you are only bruised. Next time hold onto the bannister please! :D

    And yay for flowers. Frivolous, blowsy, life-affirming flowers.