Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Origin

At the time of separation, Love creates imaginary forms
When Union arrives, the Formless One appears,
Saying "I am the Origin of the origin of sobriety and wine;
Beauty in all its forms is a reflection of Me.
Now, this moment, I withdraw all veils to reveal
Beauty's final splendor, without any intermediary.
For so long now you have been busy with My reflection –
You have won the power now to gaze at My Essence alone."

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

And, twice today I caught myself thinking "I should get this for matt," and actually reached for my phone to take a video of the dog so I could show him the cute thing Boris was doing. Two years and two weeks today, and part of my mind has not received the news.



  1. This Rumi quote may be the best yet!!! "... and part of my mind has not received the news" - Big hugs to you (((((((M)))))))

  2. i don't know what's worse. a "mind that has not yet received the news" or one that has. the bite of realizing he is no longer there or the full on awareness each moment of each day that he is really gone. one is shocking, the other creates emotions ranging from worn down to panicked.

    whether we reach out to friends who surround us or to people online, we reach out to try and let our hearts speak what our lips cannot. we hurt each and every minute of each and every day. this truly is a journey of hills, mountains, and valleys.

    i wish you peace.