Tuesday, July 12, 2011


That Sun

Whatever you love here in existence
Has been gold-plated by God's qualities;
When that gold goes back to Origin
Only a dull copper will remain,
And you will be disgusted and reject it.
Don’t go on calling counterfeit coin "beautiful"
That beauty you love is only borrowed.
Gold will abandon all surfaces in the end
And return to the Mine of Magnificence.
Why not set out for that Mine?
The light will return from the wall to the sun;
Go now to that Sun that dances always in harmony.
From now on, take your water from heaven directly
Why go on trusting a rusting drainpipe?

~ Rumi


  1. Thinking of you, especially today. Sending love and prayers across the miles.

  2. oh Megan.

    I am taking big gulps here at my desk so that I don't start crying, for you, for your hurt and heartache and loss ... and yes, for mine too.

    What beautiful words from Rumi. What worries me is that we understand them.

    I wish I could just come sit with you for a while. Just sit and look at the landscape, walk with dogs, cry a little, fix some food, cry some more, then laugh too. I hope you are not alone.

    Love you Megan,
    Boo xxxx

  3. I have been alone, but have plans for the afternoon. What is really getting me is I feel like all of this happened to someone else, not to me. I am not feeling his love or god's love or anything. Like all of it never happened, not the Before, and not all the things I felt and saw After. If love prevails, why do I feel blank. THAT sucks.

  4. i hear and understand your words about the blank feeling. i feel it as well at times. it comes and goes. i do not know what to do about it except walk through it, cling to what helps you get through it, and then build from that. you do that through each day. your writing shines a light in the dark parts that haunt you and i hope that you find a release of sorts from it. i hope you find comfort and solace from those who leave you comments. i wish for you, peace.

  5. megan - You are describing somethiing that is quite familiar to me. I read other people's posts about having nice dreams, warm feelings of love, feeling protected, seemijng to have signs from their partners, etc... I can't say I have felt much of anything like that over the past three years. Now, when I look at old photos, it sort of feels like the must be of someone else's past. Not sure how many other people feel this way. Yeah, blank. I have been describing it as feeling "cold" like when a trail has become cold - nothing there to follow. Maybe it is good to feel ths way. I dunno,

  6. such a beautiful poem...thanks so much for sharing it.