Friday, July 8, 2011

love's rocks

Dive Today

Tomorrow you'll be brave, you say? Fool! Dive today
From the cliff of what you know into what you can't know.
You fear the rocks? Better men than you have died on them;
Dying on Love's rocks is nobler than a life of death.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

These words - I don't know what they mean, practically speaking. How does one die on love's rocks. What does that even mean. And still, I like them.

And, in mundane unrelated news, my landlords informed me a couple days ago they are selling this house. This morning, they are having a yard sale. It is supposed to start at 9, but people have been slogging up the driveway since 7:45. That's all. Not good, not bad, just a little slice of what is going on today, over here, where I have no idea which love rocks I'm supposed to die on, and I'm pretty sure none of these people in my driveway would either, should I ask.



  1. Not sure I would like being in the middle of a garage sale feeding frenzy. Well, in fact, I know I would not.
    To me, Rumi's words are about taking risk. That there is no better time than the here and now - and that risking it all on something you want to do and possibly losing it all, is better than wasting a life not really living. Ask me on another day, and I might say different, but today, it speaks to some of the things I am thinking about.

  2. Personally, I think every widow has died on love's rocks. We did take the chance to dive in to loving another human with all our hearts, souls, and become one with them, we risked it all even though we didn't realize it was a risk. Then they left, and we found loved had rocks we could hit and die on. A part of us died when they did. Not a small partI would say. But most every one of us would do it all again, we'd jump for them, risk it all for them, and take the chance we might not make it through this time. Just my thoughts <3

  3. funny that we're both being kicked out of her homes too! hahahaha. (crazy widow sarcastic laugh i do a lot lately.)

  4. joining you in the crazy/sarcastic/overwhelmed/slightly maniacal laugh.