Tuesday, July 5, 2011

broken cup

As far as I know, only one person from my actual area knows about this blog. So I'm not posting this to drum up business or any of that. Just that I finished this, this long epic slog that was nearly abandoned many many times, that was rescued and remedied and cheered on by many people who read this blog - most notably bev, dan, and carolyn. Actually, without Bev's technical assistance, I most certainly would have trashed it. Practical assistance and cheerleading with good purpose.

So, getting in just before the two year mark - www.brokencupcatering.com



  1. What a powerful thing. I am humbled by just how powerful what you are doing is, and how much it inspires me. May you get more births than deaths, but even when you do get the death aspect...I am thankful that whoever hires you will have someone as compassionate and empathetic as you <3 Many blessings on that journey!

  2. Congratulations in launching your business, megan. Glad to have been able to give you a bit of a hand with the website. I love the whole idea of what you are offering to folks - the good food, the considerate and caring service, and so much more. I wish you every success.

  3. That is inspired. Brilliant. May you do well.