Wednesday, May 4, 2011

of gods and men


It's been awhile since I've given you any movie reviews.

I saw this today. Is it playing near you? Go see it. Yes, it has death. I'm not sure how many tombstones to give it. Three? Four? There are no poignant actual death scenes. There is violence. There are tears, and they are quiet. There were a couple of scenes I had to cover my eyes, but not my ears. The calling of bullsh*t on god and on faith is done so beautifully and right. I cried through most of it, but a lot of that was because it was so intensely beautiful, even knowing what was to come. Even when what was to come had come.

I needed this movie. Especially when this world has seen so much violence, so much faith used as a platform of violence; especially when people celebrate death so easily, as though it changes anything. Especially when my normal sensitivity to the ugliness of humankind has become so unbearable without my love and my team here beside me. Especially now. Today.

So, my people, even though there is death, even though it is sad and beautiful, even though it earns tombstones and I don't know how many, it is worth it. To me, anyway. Today.

PS - I guess technically, Of Gods and Men doesn't belong in the Tombstone Rating System, as you know right upfront from the previews and synopsis that death is involved. No sneaky hidden agendas in this movie.


  1. i love this book. i have never seen the movie. thank you so much for sharing this. it reminds me a little of the film, Au Revoir Les Enfants. if we stand for nothing, we are nothing. i wish you peace.

  2. I hadn't known about the book until after I saw the movie. The actors in the movie used the book to learn their characters. That, and they all sang together - on screen and off - they did the seven offices + prayers. So beautiful.

  3. i listen to chant in the car. helps keep me sane.

    thanks for the review. I think i'll go see this. haven't been to the movies in forever. maybe since we went one hundred years ago. whataya think that one was? maybe 2 tombstones? 3? I think i would've cried regardless of rating.

  4. I don't know about that one. There was the (supposed) death with subsequent water rescue, so that was intense for me. I don't remember other sneaky death things in it. Except for the whole heath ledger's last film thing.

    Of gods and men is totally worth the crying. Plus, it's playing in so.po, with the comfy seats.