Saturday, May 28, 2011

blog oddness

seems blogger has been having issues. Not sure they are entirely fixed yet, but at least I can log in. Anyhoo - just a note to say - hi. Still here. Trying to comment, sometimes I can't.

And in "late to the rapture party" news, I was thinking yesterday ~ in early summer of 2009, it rained for around 40 days and 40 nights. There was a flood. And it did in fact destroy the world. Clearly, it didn't occur to either of us that that water was who she was.

So many worlds destroyed all the time. Who's to say which rapture comes, which flood, which armageddon. And - if people are looking for jesus to come back all full of brimstone and judgment and pain, they are thinking of the wrong guy.



  1. 1. it sure did.
    2. they sure are.

  2. I wonder how many people for whom the bottom did not drop out of the world in July 2009 remember the weather leading up to those dates. I know for you & me the rain is such a large part of the whole story. For different reasons entirely, but still, it will be with us always.

  3. yes, on Facebook everyone was talking about the end of the world, and I kept thinking .... the end of the world happened January 6th 2009.

  4. The weeks before my husband died, our part of Australia was hit by the worst floods in 30-something years and a category 5 cyclone. Almost 4 months on, this is still big news and people are still coming to terms with it all, but I'm not part of all that. From here on, people in Australia and particularly in my area will talk about January/February 2011, about the terrible flooding, the devastation, the loss of homes and lives and livelihoods, and all I'll think about will be that week I spent at my love's bedside, watching him die, feeling hopeless and powerless. I would gladly have lost my home and every possession in it but still have my husband at my side.