Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stupid cake.


I am going to a birthday dinner tonight for three of us who have had recent birthdays. I am making cake. All through this cake making, I have become more and more agitated. I keep noticing I am holding my breath. My shoulders are tight, and not just because my neck still hurts. The dog is needy, and I am annoyed at the time I take to figure out what he needs. I was having a good day, and the agitation has crept up on me. But then I remember - or I realize. I've known since I decided to make this cake how potentially "loaded" it was. Every time it came up in my mind, I thought, yeah, but I've made this cake a bunch of times Since. I've even made cake for my friend E.

But I have not made her this cake. The last time I made this particular cake for this particular friend was July 11th, 2009. For her baby shower on July 12th. Which I did not attend.


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  1. .This sounds like one of those trick questions.
    When is a cake like a bomb?

    Oh, that holding my breath thing, and the needy dog (my granny dog is needy much of the time lately)