Monday, October 24, 2011

is "going postal" still a phrase?

Because I must keep myself from doing whatever "going postal" might currently mean. The new tenant downstairs - a man older than I am - has someone over, and they are very loudly and VERY BADLY practicing on their electric guitars and electric keyboard. The same phrases over and over and over, punctuated with some sort of hideous acid jazz interlude. I've had this place to myself for three blissful months. My landlords lived here before that, and they never listened to music of any kind. And they most certainly did not make these hideous noises that reverberate through my entire house, and blast through even my own now blasting music that I only have on to COVER THEM UP. It is not working. And now, just to escape the noise, I am going to bundle up and go sit outside.

Oh and I was in such a nice mood. So now I will have to tell the man, when he asks, that he is FAR TOO LOUD, because otherwise I will become a passive aggressive bitchy person and shoot invisible daggers at him. No one needs that. And if I tell the landlords, when they ask, without telling him first, well then that will be weird too. Sigh. Angrily wearing earplugs probably won't work in the long run...




  1. Aargh!!!! being the an extremely quiet type (I go around in silence and barely listen to music - actually almost never do), what you are enduring would qualify as absolute torture for me. Badly played loud music and screaming babies will drive me postal in no time. Oh, and also arriving at what was expected to be an almost empty campground only to find that it is a special Hallowe'en campout weekend and there are small sugar-fueled ghouls and goblins racing from halloween decorated campsite to campsite in search of more chocolate bars and chips. Sage and I both felt like we were going postal together. Fortunately, Sabrina is stone deaf or she would have joined us.
    Yeah, I would not pretend to be tolerant and ignore this as it is definitely not the type of situation that will improve. Time to read them the riot act.
    Good luck.

  2. We would make great neighbors, bev. I do most everything in silence as well. I occasionally listened to music at home in the Before (mostly to clean the house, or do some large project that needed distractions), and we often had music on in the car when matt was driving - but music really affects me, and our usual soundtracks are painful. Having music on in the house now is probably the first time in a year maybe.

    Oh blissful solitude. Don't know that I could have handled the campground. It would have been an ugly place, fuming in my head.

    The noise has stopped down there now. This house has no sound insulation at all - but I can hear him talking on the phone, and in 6 years of living above the landlords, I never heard that. With their tv on, I could hear a low rumble, and I could hear their kid shriek at bathtime. Otherwise - very quiet here. The new guy has only been here a week. He has music on most of the time, but tonight - that was craziness. Phht.

    I need my own monastery.

  3. and - I think my silence confuses the farmers. They have npr playing all the time in the barn: constant gloom and doom and violence reporting, or overly enthusiastic (booming drums)classical. When I come in to milk, I turn all the radios off.

    I was fortunate that matt also enjoyed good silence.

  4. I feel the same way about radio and television. When forced to listen, I feel like Superman when someone sneaks up with a sack of kryptonite. I realise that my noise tolerance differs greatly from that of most people. It's weird as I like some music - like, I can enjoy a good fiddler busking celtic music at the farmers' market up in Nova Scotia, but noisy crap - loud pop music in grocery or other stores - electronics stores are about the worst - I can't even think and forget what I came in for. Thank goodness for being able to shop for things online because Otherwise I woukd go without.
    Hope you can resolve the problem with the noisy neighbour. Unfortunately, those kinds of oeople have such a different concept of what constitutes noise and they seem to make racket regardless of what they are doing. I think their hearing is orobably wrecked from years of listening to music far too loud.
    Oh, the captcha word is oullarmi. Sounds like a good word to describe bad sounding noise.