Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'll maybe write more about it later, but if you are interested in photos from last weekend's Nose to Tail pig event, the slideshow is here:

There are no photos of the slaughter itself, for many reasons. The rest of the photos are shots of innards and eviscerating, butchery, and people wielding knives. Caul fat is beautiful.

And, I realized on sunday morning that is was 27 months that day. Woke up in the tent, a new tent, curled in the sleeping bag matt bought me for our first christmas together, made tea on the campstove I bought jake when we couldn't find matt's in the chaotic aftermath of 27 months ago. Walked to the kitchens to begin day two of butchery. And kept glancing at the clock: today, right now, at around 11:35 am, this is what I am doing. I am butchering pigs, not screaming in the woods. This is what I am doing on this day.



  1. Excellent photos, Megan! It is good to see people learning these skills. Although I am a vegetarian, my viewpoint is that if you eat meat, you should not shy away from the task of butchering the animal that provides to you. Don did eat meat until later years, so I have butchered cattle, goats and poultry. We did raise hogs over the yrpears, but alwats took them to a custme butcher shoo that did sausgaes and smoking. It was quite amazing to watch a couple of the older butchers at work. It is a real art.

  2. total art. I would love to learn more butchery.

  3. H is doing a project tracing a food from source to table. Luckily, we are doing home grown veg and eggs - but I think that the *knowing* where food comes from is so important for all of us.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ...and GO you. Look at what you can do!!

  4. look what I can do! Woo hoo! And - yes. Knowing where food comes from.