Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a new one


The difference between birds with wings and holy people with the
Wings of passionate Love, is that birds with their wings fly in a certain
Direction, which is always changing, and holy beings with
Wings of Love long only to fly away from all directions.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

I haven't seen this poem before. Nice one.

My kid is here, tromping around upstairs, looking at the upstairs apartment with the landlord. How weird, and good, and strange, it is to have him here. How crazy. Matt's birthday was Saturday. I forgot that other people would know that too, other people would be in more pain that day. Other people would notice the day. J. and I are going to go check out some tattoo flash when he's done talking renovations with the landlord. How strange. How strange. How many different people I am lately.



  1. I still find so much of this journey surreal. I too forget that others are missing him on these significant days. I hope you had a peaceful day Matt's birthday, and that his love was felt.

    So, who is getting the tattoo?

  2. jake! He got his very first tattoo yesterday. Totally unplanned. He came over in the morning and said "I wonder if I can just walk in somewhere and get a tattoo." So we did. He didn't even look at samples of the guy's work. Just went for it. In contrast to me.... obsessively researching to find the "right" person.

  3. I love it. I tend to be impulsive about such things as well.

  4. He had been thinking of a specific tattoo for a few months, but started out the morning saying - well, I was thinking I'd get something across my knuckles. I just don't know what. He did end up getting the tattoo he'd been thinking of, not the unspecified knuckle tattoos. Fortunately, the tattooist was good - the tattoo looks beautiful. Jake got a "not angry" skull and crossbones on his inner forearm with the words "death proof" bracketing the skull. He means it as Proof Of Death, not as "I am invincible." He wanted it to affirm that death will happen, and he wanted it because he knows people will assume it's the Invincible thing. Subtle, that kid.

    I love how it looked like one of those old puffy stickers for the first few hours - remember those? A whole skin colored outline following the shape of the tattoo. Seeing jackie's tattoo in august pushed me over the edge to getting mine. Just have to actually call the guy and see how much it will be.....

  5. oh - and! I suggested not getting those knuckle tattoos because he couldn't hide them if he wanted or needed to. I cited you, dan, telling jake how you are covered in tattoos but you can keep them underwraps by wearing a long sleeve shirt. Ahem. As long as the shirt is not white!