Tuesday, August 31, 2010

this song, today...



  1. Megan...I'm not a preachy person, though the song I am about give you could be taken that way I guess. On my list, there is a number that states: Somethings are just for me.

    Well, I'm going to share a 'just for me' thing. I found this song a long time ago, and then again shortly after my husband and my dad died. There are some aspects of both of their passings in this song. I listened to my husband gurgle for hours before he left...my father's death was sudden, and well..I can't go into detail without cracking up...but, I listen to this song with my eyes closed and pray with all my heart this is what happened to them...and far better than anyone could sign.

    You have my heart, Megan, I've read your blog...I encourage you to keep going! It's really all can do...

    A small gift, if it makes you cry, well it does me too, but in a hopeful way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGWCZtBjWGU

  2. Beautiful song Megan. Thanks for sharing it. I am always amazed at how the gift of song can bring us such peace, as well as help us experience Gods love during these difficult times.