Monday, April 25, 2011


I need to make things. Can I make you something?

I don't have any photos of collages I have made for people with their own images, and I only have a couple of other collages digitally accessible, but I will say I'm good at them. Well. I'm a good channel for them.

I do collages the "old" way - with tiny little scissors and bits of paper - not digitally. Can I make you one? With your own images, which you can either regular mail to me or send me digital files. I'll enlarge, reduce, flip them around, and add other images I have to make you a 6x10-ish custom collage. Yes, images of you and your love, your family, special places. I won't necessarily use all of your images, just whatever asks to be in there.

I need a reason to clean off the art table.
I need a reason to make beautiful things.

Can I make you something?

If you'd like a collage, leave me a comment.


  1. I'd love one! If you p.m. me your email address on facebook I will email you some pix? Or however you want to do this. The bottom image speaks to me - it's amazing! Wow, what a lovely offer xxx

  2. Hey Megan,
    I wanted to make something for you but got a little overloaded with projects while in Bisbee. I would still like to make something for you -- while I'm in Nova Scotia. I'll be going there in about a week. Maybe we can make something for each other -- no pressure, no timeline - but just for art's sake. What do you think?

  3. I have one of Megan's beautiful collages. She does very cool, and touching, work.

    Love ya Megan.

  4. my therapist wants me to make collage of what i want my new life to look like. I have not seen it yet. so stuck.

  5. Dan, I love that we are both gifted with Megan's collages.

    Megan - I emailed you some pix today x

  6. boo - got them. will burn them to disc tomorrow.

    Thanks Dan. I loved making your collage. As I mentioned, it was the first (and so far, only) artwork I have made since matt died. xo

    Bev - yes. If you have images you want me to use for yours, you can send them to me whenever.

    C - Right. Phht. I will say ~ I used to tell my clients to go with what you want it (life, in this case) to feel like, rather than what you expect or want it to look like.

  7. You mean you MADE that image???
    I saw the top one on facebook and thought it really interesting - there's a lot going on in that image.
    But I love the second one even more.
    They are just awesome.
    I'd love one, but I fear I live too far away for it to be practical...

  8. practical-schmactical. we have the technology to be practically neighbors. Artistically speaking, that is. I'll fb you my regular email and you can send me digital files. I'll print them and mess with them, and send you the piece by post.

    On image making - Yup. I got tired or painting and writing many many years ago, and started making collages to make my brain stop. I have loads of them. A few years ago, I made a kids' career book with collage illustrations - nice. And had just finished a big commission piece "before." I love that the collage wants itself, there are exactly right and exactly not right ways things fit or go together.

  9. What interesting images you create, Megan. Just so evocative. Wow.