Monday, April 4, 2011

book review

Not the tombstone kind of review...
More of a book recommendation.

So far (pg 53 out of 195), "About Grief" by Ron Marasco and Brian Shuff is fantastic. And I am super hard to please. There are already lots of great lines I could quote to you, but won't, namely because of this:

there is a whole paragraph on grief anvils (which I usually call landmines) wherein the authors state that "someone should really devise a movie rating system for grieving people" and that "you really ought to do a little research before you just head off to see a movie."

Even outside of that unintentional and unknowing acknowledgment of my services, this is a book I would send to all of you, if I could buy that many books and I knew all of your addresses.

ps - C - I have the PPL copy, but I'll be done with it soon.


  1. I'll donate some money to help you get the book out to some know how to get ahold of me....the offer stands <3

    I told you I loved your movie review system, it is a powerful service!

  2. I'm going to order it tonight. I need a good read. And for recommending it to me, I will give you a four tombstone rating!

    Love. Dan