Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sour grapes

all these people
around me
taking off on adventures
with the ones they love.
Costa Rica.
Upstate New York and Niagara
(which was the road trip we'd just finished planning the night "before".)
Crete, for goodness sake.

And I am here,
ground covered in ice and snow,
pooped out from a trip to the
store to buy myself flowers
and cough drops,
still stunned that the one I take adventures with
has gone on ahead.
And it sucks.


  1. Ahh. Doesn't Crete sound good right now?
    I have managed a couple of trips away, but both times with other couples. It was good of them to ask, but I felt a little like the ancient maiden aunt being dragged along out of a sense of duty. I have been asked again this year - don't know what to do. What is better - to miss him here or to miss him somewhere warmer with better food? Dunno, but it definitely sucks.

  2. yeah - the duty/pity invite. And then I often feel like I am "monitored" to see how well or not well I am doing. Phht. Crete sounds just perfect right now. But not as an ancient maiden aunt third wheel!

  3. I wish I had a matter transporter for beaming friends down here for visits. We've had some terrific weather this winter - yes, a few cold days that practically brought the town to a standstill (laughable to a northerner like me) - but for the most part, it's been amazing. I'd love to take you walking around the streets here, to see the cool art that is everywhere, and to see the sandhill cranes out at the playa. Well, I am planning to be here again next year, so maybe then.

  4. a matter transporter would make things so easy - I would have been there already. I was telling myself that, whilst feeling all sour grapes - that I can fly out to arizona. But cash and dog and this 4 weeks of plague have wiped me out. It is 47 degrees here today, though, and the windows are open.

  5. Well I so agree. My D was a great one to do adventures with even if it was on one of our regular walks. We ALWAYS took a different route and if we could a different path. We were planning a trip too ... for the fall ... a couple of them but he died in June (2010). Now I have no one to travel and adventure with ... no kindred spirit ... no best buddy. Both of my girl friends are tied up with husbands and with debt. They are not free. So I'm trying to find a new way.

    Cold here AGAIN. I've got the fire stoked.

  6. I came over from Widows Christian Place.Being a recent widow myself,I have to agree that being alone sucks.The years we had together are never enough.We had 38 years,but I wanted it to go on for many more.God had other plans.

  7. What about Australia .... at least you'd have a place to stay .....

  8. CS - The only friend I would consider adventuring with is also tied down with husband and small child. My person, my family - there was always an adventure, traveling in the same style with the same outlook. I've tried a couple of small adventures with others, and it is so much effort, I would rather hike off alone.

    Hi Ruth. Welcome over here.

    A - it is on the list! I think I would just be delirious with new flora.

  9. Yes, this winter turned out to be a bust for sure, but keep it in mind for next winter. You are always welcome here. It is an easy place to visit as I don't mind picking up friends at Tucson airport and once you're up here on the mountain - well, it is a wonderful place to hang out and go for walks. I should be back here next year.