Friday, February 4, 2011

the plague: part three.

Everybody's good mojo helped when I fell down the stairs, at least I think it did. If everybody can now join around some communal something and utter some magic words for Part Three of the Plague. I had one morning of feeling awesomely better. Marvelling at how better. However, those sneaky viruses were merely retreating to gather strength, and pick up a few plague-y friends. The day that goat-sitting was to start, I woke up at three a.m. freezing. Feverish. Earache and headache. Was in and out that way for awhile, then took the dog out in a total fever stupor. It got better throughout the day. Low grade fever - bah.

Blessedly, my first night of goat feedings and milkings went so smoothly. I was up way before milking time with a fever again, and this morning's chores - well, let's say it was not awful, but it was super chaotic. The farm owners' systems are chaotic to my mind, stupid little things don't work, utterly ridiculous things don't work, and coupled with a spiking fever, OH MY. I was so sick, and focused only on the task at hand, I actually FORGOT what my reality is. Really. That was crazy. I think there are only so many systems firing, and grief acknowledgment has no room right now. At least the bio-organism is protecting itself. Though tonight, it is getting through to me - Matt is the one who takes care of medicines. I don't usually take any, or need any, and I'm pretty sensitive to all that stuff (ranging from no effect at all, to crazy dizziness), so I don't know what to take and how often, and can I mix this with that - and clearly, I can't call him and ask, and he's not here to just take over and hand me stuff, as he would.

I had to run home and tend the animals there, meaning I needed to sleep for a couple hours before I could get back here. And, my landlord just called to tell me my rent check blew out of her hands and down the street, never to be seen again, and could I please stop-payment and write her another. The fever is currently the highest it's been, and hopefully won't get any higher.

And now for the good news - at least my landlords agreed to take care of my chickens at home, because clearly, I can not go back and forth at this point. And, it is pretty amazing how the physical organism protects itself. I can't even begin to let myself go down the road of my "future," if there is one (feverish snort), and how insane it is to suddenly no longer have anyone who is invested in, well, me. That's not a "good thing," I just added it on.

Hey Bev, goats cannot get a human flu, can they? I would hate to make them wonky. That would stink for all concerned. The farm owners did leave me with the number of a neighbor who can milk, so if it gets bad-enough-for-me, I can call. Not sure what level of badness that would be. I am quite stubborn. I am currently telling myself that if my energy degrades to the point where my animal care suffers, then I will call for back-up. Me suffer - meh. Animals suffer - not alright with me. Okay, so long feverish rambling post to say - send me some mojo, if you've got it. Can't hurt, certainly.


  1. Hmm. Methinks some sort of chicken soup pipeline to Meganland is needed. I would tell you not to be so daft and let someone else sort out the animals, but a) you wouldn't take any notice and b) I would do exactly the same myself.
    So, my dear, when you aren't doing goaty things, please, please, wrap up warm, take some safe drugs, keep up your fluids and sleep. Just sleep.
    Wishing you a fast recovery. xxx

  2. You poor thing.
    I think you need a week in bed with J's aforementioned chicken soup.

  3. megan - Don't worry about the goats too much. There's not much they can catch from you, but there are a couple of things they could pass on to you.

    Agree with J and deardarl. Be sure to sleep as much as you cn when you aren't actually doing something with the animals. Last winter and again this winter, I got a bad virus around christmas and it hung on for roughly 4 weeks. It was dreadful and I thought it was never ever ever going to give up and go away. I had to sleep a lot and avoid situations that seemed to give it an edge so that it could going again - things like trying to go out places, or stay up in the evening. When you are feeling so crappy, a lot of painful thoughts seem to come piling on top of you - things like thinking about how you shouldn't have to be looking after yourself alone, etc... That's one good reason for just going to sleep. When you're knocked out, you can get a break from thinking. Anyhow, good luck with getting rid of this stupid illness. If it's like the horrible bug that has been making the rounds here, it seems to take about 4 weeks to run its course.