Monday, September 13, 2010

deleted, and crime

There was a new post, but I took it down. Posting this in case anyone saw the title for the deleted post, and was concerned about crimes going on over here. There was another crime here yesterday (the second in a month, after five years of nothin'), but it wasn't violent, no one got hurt, the guy was arrested, it didn't directly involve me, and everything is alright.

Well, of course, not everything. But in the realm of crime, everything is alright. 


  1. glad you are ok ... (relatively speaking of course) xcx

  2. wha??
    i wonder if it had anything to do with last time...
    was nearby HS today, and thought of you & fgtblt, and also took the dog to EEB, ditto, well, without the bacon

  3. you took the dog to the beach without bacon?

    it was in the paper yesterday - man stole construction vehicle, drunk driving, early sunday morning. I had a wee, very dorky, involvement.

  4. oh THAT guy
    funny, I thought you lived over on a different side of town
    that sounds like it was quite the ruckus

    yeah i see now: my comment didn't make much sense