Monday, December 24, 2012



I don't suppose we can have a moratorium on the
words "drown" and "drowning" can we?
Seems a large percentage of posts and things I have read in the last month
have used those words to describe - well, you know - the things
"drowning" is so found of describing. Just - I am ever so tired of
seeing the words again and again, and saying outloud again and again -
stop it. Stop it. Stop it. You have NO IDEA what those words mean.

That is all. Word tired.



  1. i am so sorry. **** thinking of you.

  2. I feel somewhat the same (though it probably doesn't come along quite as often as yours) when people explain away things by saying 'Maybe I have a brain tumour" or that good old Arnold Swartznegger quote from a movie, "It's not a brain tumour!" (Though, after Elias was diagnosed, we sure joked with those ones a lot)

    Or when at work a few weeks ago, someone was chatting with me about something I can't even recall at the moment, but he said something to the effect of, 'Yeah, that stuff will give you a brain tumour or something.' I couldn't help but drop, 'That's actually what my husband died of.'

    I will apologize to you if I have used the term, even internally. I (hope) I've never posted it, I may have used it at some point (in regards to not being able to keep up with all that my life entails), but thank you for bringing that awareness.

    Love You

  3. I can sympathise with this. "Heart attack" is used casually to describe how people feel about any sudden surprise. Once you're sensitised to it, it causes such pain doesn't it? As you say - word tired.