Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The other night, I dreamed my friend Jim died of a heart attack before I could bring him his pie. In awake life, we'd been trying to find a time that would work with their schedules and mine, and it hasn't happened. When I had the dream, I decided I would make his over-due birthday pie and just show up with it. Wednesday seemed the day meant for delivery.

I started the process last night, failed twice, started again. I woke up after a long night of intermittent nightmares, wakefulness, stress. Woke up with money shortages on my mind, time shortages, needing to write and accomplish and fit in two hours of driving to deliver a pie I hadn't finished making yet, which needs to be done and cooled and ready before I have to leave. And what about all those self-care things, the yoga I needed today, the time to process the image of Matt in my dreams last night, the TIME to do anything. grouch grouch grouch. I decided this was no way to make a pie, or to deliver a pie, and put it on the schedule for tomorrow. Ah. A bit more ease. Then I went for a pre-dawn walk with the dog, light rain, singing Gaelic prayers out-loud because it stops my grouchy mind.

Coming back home, I stopped to check the mail. Inside, a check from the woman I garden and herd-sit for, an expected check for a few honey sales. Every little bit helps. My mind is already starting to tick as I open the envelope - right then: yoga, tea, write, study, break at ten.... the envelope is thicker than it should be. A card, maybe.

A card with a hundred dollar bill in it, a card with "thank you for all your work this year. A little something extra to show my appreciation of you."

I am instantly on my knees, thrown to the floor - this time with such powerful knowledge that I am cared for. I am always, always cared for. So intensely. So perfectly. Every.single.month since I left that job that was destroying my body and mind, money has shown up. Not a lot. But enough. Every single time. Usually right at the last possible moment. I am loved. I am cared for. All the time. It stuns me every single time.

Darn right the very first thing I did getting up off that floor was begin again with pie. Expansion. Goodness. There is time for everything today. There is certainly time to be my point of love in this world, to randomly show someone else that they are cared for. All the time. Always, always cared for.



  1. Yes, you are cared for and it is good that you are also caring for others. That's most of what life is really about. I'm sure your friend will enjoy the pie.

    1. he loved it. When I left, he hugged me and said "you have such a big piece of my heart, thank you for being in my life."
      Totally totally worth it.

  2. Just. beautiful.
    I have many of the same worries here. (Naturally.) But the other day I decided that the bag of jeff's ice skates and anna's outgrown xc ski boots and so on could go into a toys for tots box instead of to play it again sports - that the scrounging for every last dollar may be why i am always on my very last dollar. Hopeful.
    In other news, we would like to buy some honey if you have some left.

  3. so needed to hear this today...not feeling cared for lately, but this is so true...always just in the nick of time, just enough...

  4. Okay. I don't know you, but I love you. *

    - a reader in California