Friday, May 4, 2012


I was looking for a little music to use as the intro for the demo I'm working on. I didn't find any music in my computer library, but I did find - when I clicked on the file marked "unknown album" - the audio recording of a session I had with a medium a year ago. I had no idea it was on there, and have no memory of loading it on the computer, though clearly I did. But to find it, to hear it suddenly - well hello there love. Hi. I'm so glad you're here.



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    1. peaceful moon weekend to you, susan.

  2. YES! How awesome.
    I think I got a big hello the other day - I clicked on a you-tube link for something I can't even remember and there was an ad at the front (you know the ones that have to play before you get to what you actually wanted to hear).
    Anyway, the voice-over on the ad was: "I promise I will always look after you".

  3. and HUZZAH! I can comment as me again. :)

    1. yay it's you!
      In the audio yesterday, there were a couple of comments - one about a blue place for ashes, one about a gold necklace. They hadn't meant anything to me at the time of the reading, or now. After listening, I was wiped out and sat down to watch antiques roadshow... on the episode: a blue faberge egg the woman joked she was going to put her husband's ashes in, and a gorgeous gold necklace. Ha!

  4. just a little tap on the shoulder from your love. As Karen (Jeff's sister) said at a particular moment: Just letting you know he's there.