Thursday, April 26, 2012


Do you mind if I post these things? These little occurrences that happen? Mostly, I need them for me. Anyway -

So I am working on a project. It has come to the stage where I need to produce a demo recording, and I've been letting fear and procrastination masquerade as lack-of-technology to produce said demo.  If I tell myself I'll figure out how to get my computer to record, this will never happen. I know I have a tape recorder somewhere. I found the external mic easily. Checked a few places already where the recorder is likely to be - no.

But this morning, walking with boris, I had a sudden flash, a memory of your voice, of something, and I realized right where the recorder is. In the box of your things from the last days. Just where I left it after recording your last voicemail to me, frantically trying to save your voice before it was erased by the cell phone system.

At home, I open the box. Carefully. There is your handwriting. A list you made that very morning in July. I see the things I saved. And right on top, the tape recorder. And a brand new blank tape. I would never have found it in my ordinary search. Whether this was my mind doing a stellar job of memory retrieval, or it was you, or something else - I am humbled, and I know I am helped.

Love is beside you, everywhere.



  1. every once in a while, not often, but often enough, strange things happen, and we have to, almost given no choice, but to believe something else is out there. i'm leaning towards our "him"s.

    peace and ***

  2. awesome.

    "Love is beside you, everywhere."

    I "know" things that I don't necessarily "think" are true, and it's been that way Since. Not before. Before I was all ScienceGrrrl but now I am, as you say, humbled.

    The brain is a marvelous thing but it does often seem that there are other forces at work. The evidence for mystery keeps on mounting in my own tiny little world.