Thursday, October 3, 2013

in between



at the giant Asian market

I only missed you.

Instead of finding it all so cool
aisle after aisle of fascinating things,
instead of being amused and annoyed
at your narrow culinary skills
or how unmatched our palates are

I only missed you.
I only missed you.

Grief was comfortable
I missed it. I've missed it.
It hurts, and it clouded my joy,
but it brought you here to me
so close

When can I unpack you
what box are you in?
With the knives, with the baking trays
With my running shoes.
Not just the wooden box packed close with special things
You're inside all of it

when I can cook again
even foods you wouldn't eat
when I can cook in my own space again
you will unfold from hiding places
stretch out on the new blue couch

when there is room
you will well up beside me
while this new and different life begins



  1. Megan, Your words are so powerful and poignant. Our paths are parallel in someways and I always relate to your thoughts. "I only missed you" - exactly what I was thinking earlier this week. My move to a new place is still a few years away but I find myself looking forward to a fresh start, and your words bring me peace, knowing what is to come. Thank you for being a balm in my crazy world. I wish you peace in your new home. Look forward to hearing more about your new chapter!

  2. thank you Debbie. Being a balm - that is what I hope for. Thank you.

  3. missing is the flip side of loving. but wait, it is still loving, always loving. always love.