Thursday, April 4, 2013


the grief project I have been working on with my whole heart and mind for the last year just got cancelled. Permanently. Poof. All that time wasted. I worked with my editor intensely for several months creating the initial site launch content. We had moved on to recording a program. "Next step recording studio!" Then she moved to another department. I got a month of silence. And today, an email saying "project is cancelled."

I am beyond heartbroken right now. I can't even deal.

Send me some mojo, will you?

This day sucks.



  1. do you want to take a walk? have lunch? abundance noodles? (ha! yeah, sure.)
    suckage sucks and nobody can really help, but if you think of something, I am here. xo

  2. I've been on the road so just reading this on the road (on sunday). Sorry to hear about the cancellation - that's awful. I know how much work you've been putting into it. Any chance of taking the project elsewhere or shopping it around with another company?

    Well, I hope it won't change your other plans. Maybe time to crank up some other part of your life and put the project on hold for a bit. I'm looking forward to hearing about this summer's adventures. Take care.

    1. no way! Other plans are not reliant on the project. The project had been in limbo for over a month, so I did focus on packing/selling all this stuff. I will record the audio program at a friend's studio this summer. What happens with it after - not sure.