Saturday, October 20, 2012

friends and allies

it was a dark morning
a really dark one
hurled notebooks and spilled cups of tea

in response,
instead of prayer books and breathing calm
(who the hell can breathe calm when what's wanted it hurling a cup of tea
you know you are the only one here to pick up afterwards, and therefore,
you know that you can't)
instead of breathing calm
I go to the screen and find people, my people.
And words I needed to hear.

thank you.
I feel so much better now
I can even consider eating pancakes.


and if you don't know her yet:



  1. Thank you Megan for all your posts. I have started to follow your blog- I find it comforting, inspiring and honest. I recently lost my partner, he drowned as well, in a river, it was his place of bliss and happiness, and ironically was the place that took his life. Keep telling your story, b/c you never know who is listening and who you are helping.

    1. thank you. Sorry you have reason to be here. There are far too many of us.