Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sunday the 12th. Three years and one month. Today, I am making a pink princess castle cake for the little one born one month After. I'll post some photos after it's assembled (the cake, not the child). It is weird to me, all of it. All of this. All of everything.

I guess that's it. That's all. It is weird to still eat and bake and cook, to care whether the cake has the proper proportions ~ the flags need to be just a bit higher to balance the width of the base ~ to be in the stream of "normal" life. I mean ever at all, not just cake. I feel like I am eternally missing my center, here in the land of function.

But that cake will not build itself, and 12th or no, I need to get to it.



  1. Yes, post some photos if you get the tme!

    Weird. Yes. I know about weird.

  2. would love to see the cake. as for the other? i understand. **