Sunday, June 26, 2011

found this

“Evening falling -
a soft lamenting
sounds in the bird calls
I have summoned.
Greyish walls
tumble down.
My own hands
find themselves again.
What I have loved
I cannot hold.
What lies around me
I cannot leave
Everything declines
while darkness rises.
Nothing overcomes me -
this must be life’s way.”

~ Arendt (whom I had never heard of)


  1. “nothing overcomes me”

    that’s what is hoped anyway.

  2. yeah.. I kind of like all of it but that last part there.

  3. Hey Megan, I saw a great film last weekend, "Beginners." It stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. Of course it's about loss, but from the perspective of a son losing a father. It has some really interesting twists in the usual father/son, or loss, story. I found it more comfortable watching, and understanding, the son's greiving than perhaps watching it from the spouses perspective. It really captured the deep sadness that we carry around, so much that Ewan's love interest immediately saw it in his eyes when they first meet.

    Thought you might add it to your list.

    love ya. Dan

  4. maybe post-anniversary and kid's birthday (the 12th, the 13th) for such a movie. I don't think I can handle it right now! I saw "when do we eat?" last night - no death, just a whole lot of awful family interactions. Wait - you probably won't read this here. I'll post it over on your place.