Friday, November 26, 2010

in this heart.

I'd sing it for you, if my voice didn't crack so completely on the third verse. 72 weeks ago, we were curled up on the couch, happy, blissfully unaware it was our last night there together, singing ridiculously silly Neil Diamond songs. There is a set list I found, that Sunday, a list of songs you'd written down that morning, songs to play on your guitar, for us to sing together. It is hard to do back-up when no one else can hear your voice but me.


  1. Oh songs are so powerful. I've been thinking a lot about music lately but haven't yet been able to put my thoughts into words. I don't understand how just two chords of a song can reduce me to tears so completely. Two notes can take me back to a place when I was so happy, but didn't appreciate my happiness quite as much as I should.
    Music is still very difficult.

  2. j - Music is often too much for me. I have a lot of matt's cds in my car, but I just can't listen to them. To not listen because it brings him back too much is also horrible, that I can't withstand feeling our life so much. Hearing anyone play guitar just dissolves me.